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New Jersey Real Estate Attorneys Aggressively Negotiate on Behalf of Clients

Dedicated lawyers protect clients’ legal interests in real estate transactions across South Jersey 

At Dash Law LLP in Moorestown, we assist buyers and sellers in both residential and commercial real estate matters. If you or your business is looking for legal help when it comes to a transaction, we can provide strong support. Our top priority is to ensure that your real estate deal goes smoothly from start to finish and that terms that are favorable to you are legally enforceable in the event that a dispute arises.

Determined legal advocates assist with commercial and residential real estate transactions

There are many steps involved with buying or selling a commercial or residential property, and we are prepared to help you with all of them. We understand the specific challenges involved with commercial real estate transactions and can draft and meticulously review all sales and leasing contracts in order to avoid any potential pitfalls down the road. If a dispute does come up, however, like a breach of contract claim or a disagreement over lease terms, our team does not shy away from commercial litigation and will staunchly represent you in court. Similar to buying or selling commercial property, buying a home is a big step in a person's life, and you deserve an attorney who will help make the process as painless as possible and litigate disputes if need be. We will be with you from the start of your venture to the closing, being sure to analyze all potential or current issues with the property, including easement or other land use issues, so that you can take your next steps with confidence.

Reputable law firm helps individuals and businesses with various land use and zoning law matters

Whether you’re looking to add an addition to your family home, make changes to your office building or build an entirely new one, our legal team has extensive experience with the relevant local and state codes and will represent you in front of various zoning boards. If you are dealing with an easement conflict, such as being denied access to your shared driveway by your neighbor, we can research whether or not an easement for the property was ever granted and work on settling the boundary dispute. We are determined to reach a favorable outcome to your issue so that you can use your property in the way that you see fit.

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At the Moorestown office of Dash Law LLP, we will be there for you during every step of your business or residential real estate matter. With our combined 45 years of experience, we know how to best serve you. Call us at 856-235-8300 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.